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At Sun Dragon, we study a style of karate called Seido (say-doe); a style focused on mindfulness, inclusiveness, adaptability and accessibility.

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Martial arts training at Sun Dragon is about non-violence.

While training to fight, we also train to avoid physical confrontations altogether through personal empowerment, boundary setting and safety skills. Living in strength and peace is always our goal. Knowing a variety of ways to defend ourselves serves that goal.

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Free Karate trial

Your first class is always free! Adult classes marked “all levels” or “white belt” and any kid’s class with “white belt” in the name is available for trial students.

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Wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothes, and make sure you take your jewelry off before class. You will also need to fill out our student registration and medical disclaimer form prior to your first class.  

Registration & Medical Disclaimer

Here are some guidelines to follow:

  • Bring a water bottle
  • Eat a light snack about an hour before class
  • Parents must accompany their own child to their first trial
  • Some children are apprehensive to participate at a trial class, and that’s okay, they are welcome to watch instead
  • Please arrive 10-15 minutes before class
  • Please remove your shoes and place them in the racks near the door
  • Please remove your shoes and place them in the racks near the door

When it’s time, you’ll line up with the other students, and class will begin! Don’t worry – all you need to do is follow along. We’ll do some stretching, and practice some of the basic blocks and strikes, and then work on other things. As a brand-new student, you can’t do anything wrong!

Schedule & Rates
Female child knee kick
We are currently offering virtual classes through Zoom. Given the COVID-19 pandemic and its effect on our students and families, our class schedule is ever-evolving to meet the needs of our student body.

We have also partnered with other Seido Karate schools in Chicago (Thousand Waves) and Boston (Seido Boston) to ensure that there are as many offerings as possible for our students. While most of our classes are in the afternoons and evenings, we do have some morning classes for our early risers, and our Saturday classes wrap up by 2:00 PM.

Juniors classes are offered on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays.
Youth classes are offered Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays.
Adult classes are offered Monday-Saturday, with a morning Yoga class on Sundays.

Tuition is paid monthly and includes unlimited classes per month. We offer discounts if you set up an automatic recurring payment or if more than 3 members of the same family all train (see below). There is no contract required to train at Sun Dragon. Scholarships are available to anyone who needs one; please ask at the dojo (school) for an application or download one below.
Family discount of $25 off total monthly tuition when 3 or more family members train.
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Karateka pre-class
Our New Member Special is offered to students who pay for two months of classes up front and includes two (2) months of unlimited training, a uniform and patches, and one (1) year membership in the World Seido Organization. This special is only available the day you participate in your free trial class! As a non-profit, we’ll never ask you to sign a contract.
We look forward to welcoming you to Sun Dragon!
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