Sun Dragon Martial Arts and Self Defense, NFP
Self Defense Program
Youth and adult blackbelts

We offer a wide variety of violence-prevention workshops and tailor our curriculum for students across age levels, backgrounds, and needs. Inquire about how we could build a course for your group.
* Scholarship applications are available if cost is a barrier.

Empowerment Self Defense
Our Violence Prevention program teaches Empowerment Self Defense, a holistic model which:
  • stands against victim blaming
  • examines social issues like racism and sexism, and how they relate to violence
  • teaches proven safety strategies to reduce fear and violence
  • is trauma sensitive and consistent with current trauma intervention practices
  • covers boundary-setting, consent, relationships, and bystander intervention
  • supports students in developing verbal assertiveness skills, as well as simple and accessible physical self defense techniques

We are part of a community that not only wants to prevent violence, but wants to help those who have experienced it, as well. We believe that everyone is entitled to physical and emotional safety, and working towards a peaceful and respectful society is all of our responsibility.

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